1. “The Contest” is open to all Malaysian citizens and foreign residents age 18 and above except the employees and immediate families of Allexcel Trading Sdn. Bhd. (“The Organiser”), advertising, promotion, event management and public relations agency.
  2. This contest starts from 3 July 2016 and ends on 28 August 2016 (“Contest Period”). The Organiser reserves the right to change, cancel, terminate or suspend the contest at any given time during the Contest Period without prior notice. All entries must be received before 2359 hours (Malaysian time) on 28 August 2016. Entries received after the contest period will be automatically disqualified.
  3. Qualifying Criteria & Submission of Entry
    For every minimum purchase of 2 cans/bottles of Red Bull (any variant), you will be entitled to ONE (1) entry. Each Contestant is entitled/eligible to submit more than one entry but each entry must be accompanied with ONE (1) official receipt dated within the contest period and with complete personal details. Each receipt must have a unique receipt number and can only be used ONCE. Each Contestant will only be eligible for ONE (1) Weekly Prize and ONE (1) of the Main Prizes during the entire duration of the contest.
    1. FIVE (5) ways for consumers to participate in the contest:
      1. Method 1 : WhatsApp
        1. Buy minimum 2 cans/bottles or more of Red Bull (any variant)
        2. Answer one simple question:
          1. Is Red Bull an energy drink. True or False?
            1. A) True
            2. B) False
        3. Snap a photo of the receipt, upload and answer the question in the “add caption” column with the following details:
          1. Answer
          2. Name
          3. IC No./ Passport / Working Permit
          4. Email
          5. Receipt No.
        4. Send to 011 - 16260298
      2. Method 2 : WeChat
        1. Buy minimum 2 cans/bottles or more of Red Bull (any variant)
        2. Scan the QR code
        3. Follow “REDBULL-MY” and click “Contest”
        4. Complete your personal details, upload a receipt snapshot and answer a simple question
        5. Click “Submit”
      3. Method 3 : Facebook
        1. Buy minimum 2 cans/bottles ore more of Red Bull (any variant)
        2. Click “Like” at www.facebook.com/redbullmalaysia
        3. Click on the “Contest” tab.
        4. Complete your personal details, upload receipt snapshot and answer a simple question
        5. Click “Submit”
      4. Method 4 : Website
        1. Buy minimum 2 cans/bottles or more of Red Bull (any variant)
        2. Visit www.contest.redbull.com.my
        3. Complete your personal details, upload receipt snapshot and answer a simple question
        4. Click “Submit”
      5. Method 5: Contest Form
        1. Buy minimum 2 cans/bottles or more of Red Bull (any variant)
        2. Obtain your contest form from provision shops, supermarkets and hypermarkets
        3. Fill in the form and answer 1 simple question
        4. Attach the original receipt together with the contest form and send to:
          “Red Bull Lebih Tenaga, Lebih Kaya“
          Allexcel Trading Sdn Bhd
          P.O. Box 8094,
          Kelana Jaya 46781
          Selangor Darul Ehsan
  4. Photocopied receipts are not acceptable. Receipt(s) without a legible receipt number or date of purchase will be disqualified. Multiple contest entries submitted using the same original receipt will be disqualified; only the earliest submitted entry will be considered valid. Incomplete, illegible, inaccurate entry form(s) or those with wrong answers will be disqualified.
  5. Photocopied Contest Forms are acceptable. All entries must be delivered to:
    “Red Bull Lebih Tenaga, Lebih Kaya“
    Allexcel Trading Sdn Bhd
    P.O. Box 8094,
    Kelana Jaya 46781
    Selangor Darul Ehsan
  6. Every entry form needs to be sent via normal postage to the P.O.Box mentioned above. Entries that are received by hand, courier service, POS Laju and/or any other delivery method will be invalidated immediately. Proof of postage of an entry form shall not constitute proof of receipt by The Organiser.
  7. For entries submitted via digital platforms i.e. WeChat, Facebook and/or Web site, contestants will receive a notification on the acceptance of entries as the proof of submission.
  8. Tier 1 – Weekly Prizes: A total of RM250,000 (1,000 x RM250) to be won during the contest period. The drawing and announcement dates for the Weekly Prizes (125 winners per week x 8 weeks) are as follow:
    Week Draw Date PrizeWinner Announcement Date
    1 13 July 2016 18 July 2016
    2 20 July 2016 25 July 2016
    3 27 July 2016 1 August 2016
    4 3 August 2016 8 August 2016
    5 10 August 2016 15 August 2016
    6 17 August 2016 22 August 2016
    7 24 August 2016 29 August 2016
    8 1 September 2016 5 September 2016
  9. Tier 2 – Main Prizes - One (1) First prize of RM100,000, Two (2) Second Prizes of RM25,000 each and Ten (10) Third Prizes of RM10,000 each to be won during the contest duration. Winners for the Main Prizes will be drawn on 7 September 2016 and announced on 13 September 2016.
  10. Representatives of Allexcel Trading Sdn Bhd will draw the winners from the eligible entries through dedicated computer software by random algorithm.
  11. Weekly Prizes winners will be notified via either WhatsApp, WeChat, SMS, emails or telephone calls during the contest period. If the winner(s) cannot be contacted after three attempts for three consecutive days, the Organiser reserves the right to disqualify the winner(s) and the next qualified winner(s) will be selected. Winners are required to take a picture of the official receipt with their Identification Card, Passport and / or Working Permit (for non-Malaysian citizens) and submit it along with their Bank Account details to The Organiser.
  12. For verification purpose, Main Prize winners are required to bring along the notification letter, Identification Card/Passport and/or Work Permit (for foreign citizens), and the original receipt (with legible receipt number and date of purchase) to Allexcel Trading’s office for prize redemption.
  13. All cash prizes will be deposited into winners’ bank accounts via telegraphic transfer. Winners are required to provide The Organiser with their Bank Account details within FOURTEEN (14) working days from the date of notification. If winners fail to submit their Bank Account details within the grace period, their prizes will be forfeited; any enquiry thereafter will not be entertained.
  14. Winners will be announced on our Web site and our Facebook page as indicated below:
    • www.contest.redbull.com.my
    • Facebook.com/redbullmalaysia

    Dates for both Weekly Prizes winners and Main Prizes winners’ announcements are as stipulated on paragraphs (8) and (9)
  15. All transportation, accommodation, personal costs and/or any other costs, fees and/or related expenses as well as any taxable liabilities that are incurred to participate in the Contest and to redeem the Prize is the sole responsibility of the Winners.
  16. By receiving the prizes, winners have agreed to grant The Organiser and its agencies permission to use their names, entries and / or images for the purpose of publicity, advertising, marketing and/or commercial purposes without the need of The Organiser to give any prior notice and/or compensation to the winners. Winners may also be required to attend prize giving ceremony and /or participating in any publicity programme.
  17. By participating in this contest, all Contestants have agreed and acknowledged that all intellectual property rights thereto shall belong to the Organiser and each Contestant consents to the collection, use, processing and / or disclosure by the Organiser any and all of the Contestant’s personal information including without limitation to the Contestant’s name, photograph or image for purposes of the Contest, including advertising, publicity, marketing and promotional activities conducted in such manner as the Organiser sees fit, in any media and without additional compensation, notification or permission, and any other activities that are ancillary to the Contest. Contestants shall not be entitled to claim ownership and / or other forms of compensation on the materials.

    All received entries shall be the property of The Organiser.
  18. For any inquiry pertaining to the Red Bull “Lebih Tenaga, Lebih Kaya” Contest, contestants may contact 1-700-81-5630
  19. For further information, please visit www.contest.redbull.com.my
  20. The Organiser’s decision is final and no correspondence or appeal will be entertained.
  21. Please be advised that all materials posted on the Web Site are subject to public downloading by third party viewers. The Organiser has taken precautionary steps to deter users from downloading. However, should downloading persist, The Organiser shall not be held accountable or liable for any damages caused.
  22. Personal Data Protection & Privacy Policy: The Organiser may transfer some personal information (including but not limited to, name, address, contact numbers, IC numbers) to service provider(s) for the purposes of administering the Contest and contacting Contestants. Any Contestant’s data in connection with the Contest shall be kept confidential except to any activities mentioned thereto. The Organiser shall take all reasonable precautions to preserve the integrity and prevent any corruption or loss, damage or destruction of Contestant’s Personal Data. In accordance with Personal Data Protection Act 2010, Contestants have the right to obtain access, request correction or withdraw consent to disclose of any personal information held by the Organiser. Such request can be made via telephone call to the Organiser at 1-700-81-5630. The Organiser respects the individual privacy in terms of the personal data which has been provided by the Contestant for this Contest.
  23. The Organiser reserves the right, in its sole discretion, to disqualify any Contest entries or contestant(s) that are found or suspected of cheating / hacking / tampering with the Contest submission process, the operation of the Contest or violate any of the Terms & Conditions of this Contest.
  24. The Organiser, its affiliates and agencies for the Contest are not responsible for entries lost, damaged, delayed or for any technical error.
  25. The Organiser, its related and associated companies, and its agencies and companies associated with the Contest disclaim any and all liability arising from the Contest and will not be responsible or held liable for any loss (including, without limitation, indirect, special or consequential loss or loss of profits), expense, damage, personal injury or death which is suffered or sustained (whether or not arising from any person’s negligence) resulting from any contestant’s participation in the Contest, redemption and/or usage of the prize(s), except for any liability which cannot be excluded by law (in which case that liability is limited to the minimum allowable by law). By participating in the Contest, all eligible contestants agree to defend, indemnify and hold the Organiser harmless from and against any suits, claims, losses, damages and expenses, including reasonable legal fees that may be arise from or in connection with the Contest.
  26. By participating in this contest, contestants have read, understand, and agree to be bound by the Terms & Conditions and accept that all decisions made by The Organiser are final and binding. The Organiser reserves the right to change, amend, add or remove any of the Terms & Conditions at any time deemed fit without serving any prior notice to the contestants and contestants are bound to the said changes.
  27. The Contests / Contest Terms & Conditions shall be governed by the laws of Malaysia.
  28. Law and Jurisdiction: The Terms & Conditions must be governed by and construed in accordance with the laws in Malaysia. These Terms & Conditions are prepared in several languages. If there is a dispute between all versions, the English Version of the Terms & Conditions that can be obtained from the web site at www.contest.redbull.com.my will prevail.
  29. By participating in the Contest and providing your personal data, Allexcel is deemed to have received the consent from the Contestants for using these data for current or any future marketing and promotion purposes.